Things About Irish People.

I am going to talk about Irish people.

There are many variations on the Irish personality. Around six million variations, .Many people still refer to Irish, Scottish and Welsh as Celtic culture – and the assumption has been that they were Celts who migrated from central Europe around 500 BCE. Kellie was the name given by the Ancient Greeks to a ‘barbaric’ in their eyes people who lived to the north of them in central Europe. 


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Beautiful Blog 5

What did I accomplish this week? What I accomplished this week is many, many things matter of fact I am halfway threw maybe a little over 60%. I am getting ready/preparing to get clothes and give them to the shelter. and I can not wait in till I do because I can not wait to see the smiles on there faces as they thank me graciously over and over and over.

How am I feeling about my project and elevator video? I am feeling fine about the whole thing really its a little complicated sometimes I wonder why we are even doing this project but I remember I am doing it for the homeless. So they can have nice, free, amazing clothes so they will not freeze by the cold.

What are your next plan to accomplish your next deadlines from your timeline? My next plan in my…plan/project is to actually get the clothes to the homeless I am still collecting them and I am almost done I might give most of the clothes to the homeless shelter on march 30 if I get all the clothes by then because were having some difficulties on getting them.

What issues are you having this week and how are you going to accomplish them? I am having issues  getting the clothes I have a few from neighbors strangers and myself. I believe I believe we have a lot of shirts about two pairs of pants a lot of shoes and all other…personal things we must get from stores. And as soon as we get a lot of clothes for them. And I will solve it shortly.

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cool blog for the 20% project :P

1 What did you accomplish this week.

What I believe we accomplish this week was starting are elevator pitch we are about a little less than half way done with it and I hope we finish it soon.

2 What are you going to do this week what are you going to get done?

What I believe we are going to complete and get done this week would hopefully get another response from are mentor. even though she answered us once we still need another response from her to verify that she wants to help us with are project to help the homeless.

3 How are you feeling about  this project?

Well…I believe I am in the middle of feeling angry and excited I believe I feel excited because we get to help people have better live because of us so the homeless does not have to be homeless. But I am feeling angry because of how long it takes and how much time it consumes

Blog 3 for twenty time project

What have I done this week/accomplish? What I accomplished this week was finishing our outline and going to hear from our mentor.

How do I feel about this project? Honestly?…Well if I had to tell the truth um.. I love helping the homeless but I could live without doing its project.

Have you met with your mentor? Well…We are still getting a response but hopefully it will be soon. we plane on meeting with her on a Thursday.

What are your goals for next Friday? By next Friday we hope to finally meet with our mentor to discuss or project


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The most favorite blog I love

The most recent blog I have been threw that I love is

Hamilton the musical


5 days ago by Sydney

Hamilton is a musical that is about Alexander Hamilton. That is obvious. there is raping involved and some fun musical numbers. some of the songs are It’s Quiet Uptown, Dear Theodosius, and My Shot. My favorite is Dear Theodosius because Theodosius is Aaron Burr’s daughter. The song is about how Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton is in the Revolutionary War and they are writing letters to there children. Aaron Burr’s daughter, Theodosius, was just born so I’m guessing she is like 1 or 2 years old. Alexander Hamilton’s son, Philip, dies at the age of 19. Philip had a duel with George Baker and got shot above his hip and lodged into his arm.

Another song is satisfied. This song is about Angelica, which is Eliza’s sister, which is Alexander Hamilton’s wife. Back to Angelica. The song is about how Angelica wants to marry Alexander but Eliza is going to be his wife. Eliza sees Alexander and Angelica walking out of the room to the balcony. she fallows him and sees Angelica holding his hand. Alexander sees her and tells her what she was talking about. Angelica was talking about how he is going to be happy with Eliza. It is really complicated to explain.


What I love about it is that I have heard of Hamilton/ Alexander Hamilton but I never knew truly who he really was it confused me at first I did not even no what the heck she was talking about but when I started to read more I got into it I just wish I could see the play for real. It sounds interesting and exciting and it sounds like a 5 star play that needs to be played every single day for eternity This is why I think this blog is very nice, good, detailed and why its my favorite.

favorite holiday.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it gives me joy. to laugh play and get a new toy. Christmas is cool its great the fire is filled with fresh cut logs and we are all drinking eggnog. And it gives us time to celebrate. I like all the decorations the mistletoe. the leaves in the snow there is nothing like Christmas when you go outside the snow men are standing by the snow is cold then you figure out your not alone there is something in the snow there is a baby doe.


The best thing about Christmas is the joy everyone shows


poem by Natalie Lewis





Three things

What I accomplished this week? That is a tricky question. What I accomplished? I accomplished the true meaning of my project. See my project  is to help the homeless get clothes by selling our clothes at home. See I just thought this is a simple little project that does not even matter. But now that I see I am actually helping people? That we could possibly save lives? The thought is amazing.

What Am I working on right now? well this of course but that is not really a good answer now is it you mean what I am working on right now due to my project right? well I am helping homeless people get clothes by selling them even give them away so they will not freeze in the winter well since it snows of course we do not want anyone to die do we not?


What do I plane on doing next I plane on turning this in but once again that is not a good answer is it? you mean what do I plane on doing next due to the project right? Well at the end of the year when my project is hopefully finished I will give a speech about it at the end of the year.


What problems did I run into this week? Well I ran into a lot of things to ask the teacher and I dont even know how to do some of the project I have a mentor it is pretty hard.


How am I fixing those problems I have? well ask teachers. Of course… If they explain it in a way I can understand.


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20% percent project week one.

What did I accomplish this week?

What I accomplished this week for my project is finally getting my mentor to respond to our groups email. It took a little bit for her to respond because she has been working at the homelessness a lot. Also sometimes never has time off of her job to talk with us but she finally respond. And when she did respond to me and my group we were very very happy.

What am I working on right now?

What I am working on right now is actually meeting our mentor and explaining more better in person what we are going to do and why we need her. hopefully she will like are project idea. Also help us out a lot and give us some clothes from her house that she hates/wants to get rid of and we will do the same. And then when we have enough clothes we will give it to the homeless shelter.

What do I plan on doing next?

Well after we get everything with our mentor sorted out she will hopefully let us donate the clothes we got from our house and her to the homeless shelter she works at. If she approves then it will be a success. Also if she does not approve than we will politely apologize. Also and ask another homeless shelter if we could possibly donate the clothes we got.

What problems I ran into this week?

Me and my group are having a little trouble with meeting up with our mentor because she always works at the homeless shelter. Also sometimes does not have time off. But hopefully we will get a good day for everyone to meet each other and discus our project. Also hopefully it will be soon and if it is not soon than our project will possibly be doomed.

How am i going to fix those problems?

well me and my group finally made a appointment with our mentor on a Thursday that is coming up. It took a very long time for us to finally get a day that works out for everyone. Also a time everyone could afford to spend. But after ALL that time spent on preparing and picking out days to meet up its all over and picked a close Thursday.


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20% Project

Part One: Reflect on the following questions:


What goals did you accomplish this week? The goals we accomplished this week was sending our email to our mentor and we got a response which was one of our biggest goals.

How are you feeling about your project so far? We feel fine it’s just the fact that when we are done we have to present it to some people.

What problems did you run into? Problems we ran into while doing this project was finding a mentor it was hard but we managed.

How are you going to fix those problems? As we said the problem we had was finding a mentor but it is now fixed and we managed.



1/27 Definitely get a response from mentor and talk with them.
2/10 Start getting clothes from our houses.
2/24 Really getting to know our mentor and the homeless shelter she works at.
3/10 Planing to go to the homeless shelter on March 15th.
3/24 Donates clothes to the homeless shelter.
4/7 Getting close to the end and almost done with our project.
4/21 Finish our project almost completely
5/5 Looks back and puts little finishing touches.
5/19 Going to present project soon.

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My favorite holiday. Poem

My favorite holiday is Christmas. People singing and bells ringing. Mistletoe hanging in the sky. People in hats and people all cozy in there blankets and mattes. People decorating there trees. All the mice are being nice when everyone sleeps not a peep and some one is counting sheep. Santa comes Santa stays he will eat all the cookies every day. He is as cute as a bunny his tummy jiggles like jelly and he is sweeter then honey.

After he gives all the presents to the tree he flies up the chimney and flees. And all you can hear is his voice saying on dasher on dancer on prancer on vixen on comet on cupid on Donner on blitzen and Rudolph now dash away dash away dash away all. He go’s to other houses and restocks them all. After a long night he takes flight and he is out of sight its morning and there is know more snoring.

All the kids rush down stairs to see what they get a sled and a fishing net a doll and a pet. Finally the best part is when all the kids are glad they have been good so they can be happy as they should and the bad kids would if they were good. The toys for all the girls and boys get token out to play all day and get dirty and muddy and have fun in the sun. All of a sudden its night all the play time is over to night and till then another wonderful Christmas right?

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